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Uranus and Mars are squaring off so tempers may abruptly fly as people are to due to be downright unpredictable. Mars in fellow air sign Aquarius does align well with your sign so it will give you the objectivity that you need to not take anything too personally. Mars in this position will also allow you to detach from anyone who is acting unreasonably and just see it for what it is. Saturn and Uranus are in strong step with one another so no matter what is going on in your world, your Soul will find a strong groove to secure itself within. Things will feel to totally shift bySunday, Sept 23, when the Sun and your ruler Mercury merge in fellow air sign Libra, and partner with Mars in fellow air sign Aquarius. It is more than fair to expect collaboration and cooperation! It is tough to know which comes first at times, the thought or the feeling. It is true that you lead with emotion Cancer. You feel first and then thoughts about how you feel typically follow but not until after you are immersed in the feeling for quite some time. The Sun and Mercury are traveling in the latter degrees of analyzing Virgo, so it has you thinking far more than usual. Because of this, it is vitally important to remember how much influence the mind has over the emotional body early on this week.

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Nobodys reading my horoscopes instead of the news. None of my readers are giving up their critical thinking skills in exchange for a star chart. When I first started writing the Madame Clairevoyant horoscopes, I was clear from the start that my column wasnt real astrology. Still, I wanted to take it at least somewhat seriously, so I read up on the signs, planets and houses. But eventually, instead of continually attempting to read the stars, I began reading people. I think of a handful of, say, Capricorns that I know the more unconnected to each other, the better and ask myself: What do these people want right now? What do they need to hear? Theres always some point of intersection, some place where these different people balance against each other. Often this has nothing to do with their signs basic characteristics.

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